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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday De-Brief

Sunday Debrief - Independence Day Style

*It was good to see some old friends and new faces today as we worshiped together.

*By the way, "old friends" refers to how long I've known someone, not to their age.

* We continued our study of the Ten Commandments, specifically looking at honoring your father and mother.

* God deals with us harshly if we don't honor our parents. In Romans, He compares those who don't honor their parents to murderers.

* The music was awesome today! I think Jordan is starting to get used to us! He did a great job of helping us focus on God and and who He is.

* Our new bass player is waaay better than the last one we had.

* (I was the last bass player. It is so much much easier for me to prepare to teach when I'm not trying to play the bass.)

* It's good when church is over and folks just hang around because they enjoy each other. Seriously, I've been at churches where people just didn't like each other. I'm glad Threshold is not like that.

* I mentioned today how good God has been to us lately with financial matters. He has always provided just what we needed when we needed it. As we reach out to the community with Movies in the Park, God has supplied every financial need this brand new church has had. And it is awesome and humbling be so taken care of by Him.

So, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their holiday. As we celebrate the freedom we have as a country, remember also, that our freedom in Christ is far greater.