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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Set in Stone

We finally have a temporary meeting place. Please be sure to check back since this meeting place is only for meetings on Nov 2, 9 and 16.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dates Set In Playdough

We will be having several informational meetings in the near future. (Check back for exact location) The purpose of the informational meeting is to make sure you know the big picture of what we will be doing as a church. This is a time when questions can be answered. All of the meetings will be on Sunday. November. 2nd AM, 9th PM and 16thAM Go ahead and mark your calendars and check back for more information in the future.

We are planning Preview Services Jan 11th, Feb 1st and 22nd
The reason for this is to help us with the logistics of set-up as we will be a mobile church.
Once again we have no clue where we will meet or the exact time, but this will give you an opportunity to plan. During the preview services we will share the vision for a community involved and community reaching church.

Regular Services will begin March 15th

By March 15th we expect to have all aspects of a quality Worship experience and TOP NOTCH children's programming in place.

If you can be of assistance or desire to be part of this new effort, please call today. 327-9192

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hump Day

Well - I'm off to a very busy day today. I'm helping some friends get moved into their new store. (It's Blvd Music btw - you should see their new store) Then, it's back to the soup kitchen for some volunteer hours. We will see if I can make it through without getting emotional - it depends if I see hungry children again or not.

We have some VERY exciting things in the works for Threshold:
* the
website will be up soon. It will be basic to begin with - but should look pretty good. (We need to have information available for the folks we will be advertising to soon.)
* something
exciting is in the works - you need to come Thursday night to find out!
* we are seriously considering signing a lease on a very inexpensive place to house the church offices, store equipment, rehearse, and advertise. It is in a highly visible location so this could be a great advertising opportunity.
* finally - be
in prayer for our church and also for Hub City Church as they reach out to those who are disconnected from God in the Spartanburg area. We should pray constantly!

See you Thursday night!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ready to Roll . . .

We had a great launch team meeting tonight and have lots of things in the works. Here is a bullet list of things we covered:
* We will be advertising for cheap in the ValPak. This will get our name into the hands of 10,000 homes in our area. We think this will be a good "bang for our buck" option of early advertising. 
* We watched The Gospel Blimp . . . sometimes the best intentions can have the worst results. This movie should be called "Evangelism: How to offend your neighbors and turn them against the church.
* We received a thank you note from the assistant principal of the 9th grade campus. We served breakfast to all of the teachers on the teacher workday. They were very appreciative and it was a great opportunity of service. 

NEXT STEP: We will be having several informational meetings at different locations in the community to allow interested folks the opportunity to learn more about Threshold. Start inviting people and pray that we will add to our numbers as we begin this next phase.

That's all for now - check back often as we will be updating a more frequent basis.