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Friday, February 13, 2009

Have You Given Up On Church?

I know that many of you have dropped out of church in recent years. I have heard a number of different reasons. And what I've noticed is that the majority of folks who have given up on church haven't given up on God.

Whether you just stopped going or there was an experience or problem that caused you to not ever want to go again, we want to invite you to try church again.

Threshold Church is different from anything you have ever experienced. If you
give us a try this Sunday, we believe that you will be glad you tried church one more time. This Sunday we are meeting at the 9th Grade Campus Auditorium on Hwy. 9 across the street from First Baptist Church at 10:07 a.m.

Check out this
blog and also our official web site for more info about why Threshold is so different. . . See you Sunday.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hanging Out At The Haven

Last night we had the opportunity to provide food for The Haven's event and hang out with the people that live there.
We met some great people!
Local businesses partnered with us on this event and we were able to give out approx. 20 Gift Certificates.

The girls that work in the office and coordinate the events there are great!
We set up Guitar Hero on the pool deck on the big screen and had a great time letting people show off their skills. I heard they were coming out with Piccolo Hero.

In 20 years of doing church... the best event ever!

Want more info on a great place to live? Contact The Haven by clicking here

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Clicking on the BLOG

Today I noticed that my blog numbers were down from yesterday. We can't be having that!

By posting a blog today, everyone that subscribes will get an email telling them there is new exciting information. This may or may not be true but they will click on the blog and my numbers will be up.

This will result in me feeling successful!

I am on my way to a meeting of The Cypress Project, ROCK HILL to share with new planters. Sometimes I am amazed that the little bit of information in my head is worth sharing.

As a grad. of The Cypress Project I know they are otherwise getting good information and I am quite certain their perspective on the purpose of a new church will be forever changed.

For me, I went in thinking that I just needed to "DO CHURCH" better than anyone else in the area. Of course I soon realized that I had no money, no equipment, no building and eight people.

Then I found out that Jesus had a little different idea than the use of gimmicks, first class programming and buildings. He went around meeting people at their point of need and eternally changing the direction of their life.

That we can do!

Look back tomorrow night for information on The Haven event!

Full disclosure - There is no official graduation from The Cypress Project! At the end of 10 months they just send you packing.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


This is just a reminder that the next Preview Service is on Sunday February 22nd. If you can't wait until then to find out what we are all about, we are meeting this Sunday (My Groups). Give us a call (864-327-9192) to find out where. Also, check out the blog archives for more info and keep checking back often!