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Sunday, March 15, 2009

It Rained ... and rained... and rained. It's still raining!

It is a good thing we did not plan for a really big first day. We would have been really bummed! As the title suggests, the only thing coming in droves was rain.

We did have 14 new-people-first-time-curious folks. Matt led us in a great worship set and we started building our wall. (From the book of Nehemiah)

We are grateful for the help of some good friends who drove over in the rain to help us out.

If the cold rain kept you away, we'd love to see you next week. As a matter of fact some of you may be reading this because you received a flyer after March 15th. We would love for you to check us out at the ninth grade auditorium at 10:07!
You can view a few pictures of our environment here. We hope to get some more pictures next time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just 7 Days

Next Sunday is our first official day. We call it "official" because we had a little practice along the way. I suspect we got all of the bugs worked out as well as we can considering our lack of resources. By most accounts things have gone really well on our three preview/practice Sundays. This Sunday, March 15, we will begin meeting full time. We may not always meet on Sunday morning, but we will meet. We are in talks with several different people about the use of their buildings. But for now we will be meeting at the 9th grade campus auditorium. 

Opening day marks the beginning of a sermon series entitled "re-build" we will be looking at parts of the book of Nehemiah as we seek to explore ways to re-build the broken things in our lives, families and our city. Join us as we seek to make a difference in Boiling Springs.