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Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Meeting Place

This Sunday, April 19th we will begin meeting in our new temporary facility. Our new place is located just down the street from McDonalds on 4th Street.  The building is up on the hill. Look for the WELCOME sign. 

Many different people have been hard at work on the facility getting it cleaned and painted for our first day. It may not be finished, but it is just about ready for use. At least we will be close on our completion of the work. Some of the work that remains is the finish work on the sheetrock that we added for sound suppression. During the day on Wednesday we had 12 different people working. They were never all there at once, but a lot of work was completed between 8:30 when the first group arrived and Midnight when the last two left.  Friday (tomorrow) should be another good work day with people scheduled to work throughout the day. 

I am excited to see how God will use this opportunity for us to minister to our community. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saturday Meeting This Week

The title says it all ... sort of. We will meet @ the Piedmont Community Church Building @ 6PM for a time of worship and to wrap up our time in Nehemiah. Following worship we will have a brief meeting to make sure that we have all of the bases covered for the "Haven" event. (serving BBQ and doing an egg hunt for the wee ones) We will be really informal and a bit different this week. No lights, no bells, no whistles. Acoustic music and a discussion on following through on what we hear God say to us.

Of course this means we will not meet on Sunday this week.

We will meet at the 9th grade campus auditorium on Easter Sunday.

The 9th grade auditorium is directly across the street from First Baptist Church Boiling Springs on Hwy 9.