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Friday, January 30, 2009

Preview Threshold

Alright, folks. . .

* If you aren't going to church for whatever reason, but have been "thinking about "maybe" trying to find one . . . COME SUNDAY.

* If you don't own a suit and think ties are torture devices and panty hose should be outlawed . . . COME SUNDAY.

* If you think you are a good person . . .COME SUNDAY.

* If you've messed up . . . COME SUNDAY.

* If you are curious about God . . .COME SUNDAY.

*If you have a lot of unanswered questions . . . COME SUNDAY.

* If you want to meet some authentic people JUST LIKE YOU . . . COME SUNDAY.

* If you like coffee and a live band . . . COME SUNDAY.

* If you don't want to be pointed out as an "outsider" but made to feel welcome . . .

*If you haven't made up your mind . . . COME SUNDAY.

*If you have children that don't want to be bored and are full of energy . . .

* If you have an infant or toddler and you want them to be taken care of by someone who loves babies . . .COME SUNDAY.

*If you don't like church . . .COME SUNDAY.

*If you want to help people in this community . . . COME SUNDAY. . . 10:07 AM. . . SEE YOU SUNDAY.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ministry Opportunity ..... Jump In!

This past week we were able to provide a little breakfast for the teachers of the 9th grade campus. Hopefully we were able to bless some of the teachers while thanking them for their service to our youth. 

We are in the process of planning to feed the residents of "The Haven" apartment complex. This sort of thing is fun for me since it just doesn't make sense to most people. When these people have a need (spiritual or otherwise) I want them to know there is a church they can turn to. 

A friend of mine was wearing a shirt once that said "The church has left the building." I would steal the idea but we don't have a building. For the most part I think people who are interested in church are currently attending. In order for us to be an influence on our community, especially to the non-believers, we have to go where they are. They aren't coming to us! 

Want to join us on our quest to make an impact on Boiling Springs, CALL 327-9192. Be sure to leave a message.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What is this church gonna be like? Part 3

Read part 1 first

Read part 2 next

Our third part in this series is on meeting needs.

I grew up being taught to be "mission minded". We prayed for the people overseas and sent cards to missionaries on their birthday. We gave special missions offerings at certain times of the year. Some churches give a percentage of total reciepts each month to missions causes and have meetings to learn about the work of missionaries. By doing this they facilitate God's Word being sent into many unreached areas of the world.

That's the positive side of "Mission Minded". But, there is a flip side. A trap that can catch you in some serious complacency if you aren't careful. . . Because giving a percentage and praying once a year for missionaries doesn't exactly equal "mission minded" does it? Giving money is great, but that can't be ALL we do because it isn't enough!

To me, being "mission minded" means that when mission opportunities arise, we act on the opportunity. I am aware that some things work better in theory than in reality, but not setting a lofty goal assures we will not reach one.

When I share this thought with people who have dealt with the needy, down on their luck and the disabled I often get the same response... How do I know which people are legitimate? The answer is always the same. You Don't!! I've been doing ministry on a church staff for 20 years and I have seen my fair share of con artists. Some are obvious and others are good at their chosen profession. And sometimes we let the con artists be our excuse for not having our priorities right about taking the time and resources to help those in need.

Another excuse we in the church world have with meeting needs is often lack of funding and other resources. But how many times have we chosen chosen amazing buildings and elaborate facilities (often with enormous debt) over ministry? I am sure the last statement will strike a nerve with some because it is true and painful. (Not always true, but often enough to be very disturbing to me). One church I served spent 1/5 of 1 % on meeting local needs and when things got tight made their first budget cuts there.

So what is this church going to be like in regards to meeting needs? We will spend as much as we can on our community as a church and on a personal level, but monetary giving will likely not be our primary focus. The greatest blessing comes when we are actively connecting with people.

Investing in them.

Talking. . .

Giving. . .

Sharing. . .

And helping - in whatever way we can.

"so that people who are disconnected from God can know His perfect love" - and live.

If you're ready to make a difference, check us out at
one of our gatherings.

Monday, January 12, 2009

First Preview Day

Our first preview service went great! You usually expect at least one thing to go wrong, but (almost) everything ran very smoothly.

We had several new families come to visit. I got to speak to some after the service and the feedback was positive. I sent out an e-mail last night asking for feedback, so we'll see if there are some things we can improve. Our folks were really excited and it did feel great to worship together as a large group.

We got started a little bit late due to waiting on the building to be opened, but set up and tear down went smoothly.
Our secure child check-in system had an internet related glitch and we had to revert to hand writing the labels. Otherwise our children's workers did a great job. The kids learned a lot and had a great time. The musicians also did a great job of preparing us for our study of worship.

As far as advertising for the event, yard signs were the best way to go. We had exactly 50 new people go to the website after the yard signs went out, which is by far the best response from any type of advertising we have tried so far.

So for now, we are so grateful that God has sent us some help as we continue to get ready to impact this community in a great way, and we are looking ahead to the next thing which is MyGroups meeting on Sunday.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Preview Service Prep

We had a great time of prayer and planning this AM - (Not to mention some Dunkin' Donuts - but I digress). . .

With Threshold Church's first ever Preview Service only ONE WEEK away, there are many details to be ironed out. It takes a lot of praying, planning, recruiting, training, printing, purchasing, borrowing, and begging. North Point Church has very generously continued their financial support and are also sending some "old pros" to help (and also to train our new folks who haven't had a chance to see portable church in action).

We had a new person show up this morning just to come help out. Can you see me grinnin'? I am so thankful for everyone's help. Please be in prayer and invite people to come . . .

And if you are lurking on this blog, we would really love the chance to meet you. I promise a non-threatening, laid back meeting. Just come at 10:07 am to the 9th Grade Campus Auditorium and see what this is all about.

We'll put the coffee on for you.